Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.

Trainers, Adventures, Nonprofit Specialists, Subject Matter Experts, and everyday people dedicated to making a change. Through our collective experience we've consulted with some of the largest nonprofits in the world, like the Gates Foundation and Save the Children, we've worked with some of the smallest nonprofits, like La Cima, we've volunteered our time during catastrophes, like Hurricane Harvey, and we've trained everyone from average citizens to military/LEO veterans. Let us merge our methods with your mission to achieve the impact you want. 


Eric "Toast" Jackson

Background: Former Missionary + Engineer + Security Expert + Multiple Overseas Missions

Co-Founder, Director of Training





Cerrone "Crash" Lundy

Background: Nonprofit Consultant + MBA + Weekend Adventurer + Humanitarian

Co-Founder, Executive Director





Jamison "Slapper" Krusac

Background: Military Veteran  + Demolitions Expert + Expert Trainer                         

Co-Founder, Director of Operations                                                                                                         





Josh LaRue

Background: Software Entrepreneur + Futurist + Habitually turns "can do" into "already done" 

Director of Innovation                                                                                                                                                         

Robert Steward

Background: ER Doctor, Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Off-Grid Medical Trainer

Medical Director


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