Impact and Success Stories


Stopping Sex Trafficking With ADAPTIVE OPS

Adaptive Ops is an organization out of Utah that specializes in locating and transporting wayward youth, finding missing people, and rescuing females from sexual trafficking. In addition to that, they train First Defenders (First Defenders are people trained to defend themselves and others and identify human trafficking victims), protection specialist, and intelligence collectors. “Since October 2016 Adaptive Ops has been directly involved in the location and transportation of 22 wayward youth (under 18), located 7 missing persons, and located, extricated and returned home, three young adult females from human trafficking.”

Humanitarian Aid Security has partnered with Adaptive Ops since late 2017 to ensure that their staff are well informed before and during missions, that they have the appropriate levels of security while rescuing people, and that everyone makes it safely home. Between October 2017 and May 2018, Humanitarian Aid Security provided over 34 hours of assistance and helped them stay safe while rescuing young women from sex traffickers, reuniting children and their families, and gathering intelligence on crimes against other human beings.

In the words of Aros Makey, founder of Adaptive Ops, “I don’t need to train them, they get it. It’s awesome, I let them know where I’m going to go what I’m going to be doing, and I don’t have to train them on anything, they are already looking for alternate routes and looking for safe houses as well as emergency facilities . . . [working with HAS I know in] if my escape routes fail then I won’t disappear, I know that they are there, ready to help me”