Past Missions

The Humanitarian Aid Security organization was formed in January of 2018. But the team the organization was formed for goes much further back. As a distributed team of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, the team has a long history together serving those in greatest need - those nobody else will reach. The team does this through collaboration with other groups. These other groups are often formal entities such as NGOs, NPOs, and government entities. Other times they have been informal groups similar to how this group functioned for several years. Cooperation is how we were formed, and it is how we operate. While many NGO’s engage in protectionism at the expense of those they serve, we cooperate and put those in need first. This is critical because the niche we fill is equally critical. Our mission is to get help further out than previously possible and without exception this has been done through cooperation and partnerships.

Many of our missions require confidentiality for the protection of those we serve and our partners. In addition photos generally do not reflect the larger portion of the team which provides remote support to the ground team. As such the missions below only represent a portion of the work we do and only a portion of those involved. These missions are however representative of the nature of missions which HAS conducts in the US and around the world and further reflect our dedication to mission success over publicity.


Honduras - June 2016

In cooperation with La Cima World Missions, the HAS team provided security and logistics for LCWMs dental team to reach remote villages through a local church with contacts both in the area and with LCWM. The HAS team’s service enabled LCWM dentists to focus on their job and not worry about the surrounding area or criminal threats to their safety. The areas served were non permissive gang controlled communities with limited government presence. The joint mission was completed with over 400 problem teeth extracted from over 200 patients - mostly children, adolescents, and elderly.

Iraqi Kurdistan - February 2017

During the fall of Daesh terrorist control in Iraq, a chaotic refugee crisis emerged. In cooperation with Christian activists with long histories in the region, elements of Nineveh Plains Protection Units (NPU), elements of the government of the autonimous Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and a private Portuguese dental practice, the HAS team provided security and logistics to several aid deliveries to refugee camps in Kurdistan, dental clinics for NPU personel stationed in recaptured towns in the Nineveh Plains region, and a ruble clearing project to allow a heavily damaged historical church celebrate a small victory over terror and oppression by resuming services.



Hurricane Harvey - August 2017

Following the impact of Hurricane Harvey, the team received word that several communities outside of Houston, Texas were expected to be flooded by storm drainage. In cooperation with a student veteran’s group, the team identified and delivered aid to communities impacted by the storm where it was not anticipated that any other help would be going. It was clear that the team was in the right place when an elderly woman stated that the last time disaster relief had provided aid following a storm was in the 1960’s. These were communities known for poverty and crime and were actively avoided for safety reasons despite being the populations most impacted and least able to seek assistance. The team performed daily convoys of trucks loaded with pallets of food, water, and rescue equipment to provide relief until basic services such as water and electricity were restored.