Honduras - February 2016

Dental work is the little known yet most pervasive need for those in long term poverty around the world. The inability to access basic dental services routinely results in people enduring abscessed teeth for months to years before either the tooth falling out or the person dying of infection related complications. Anybody who has ever experienced such pain can only imagine the misery of this being a daily part of normal life.


Iglesia De Dios Hermandad Cristiana (IDHC)

IDHC served as our local liaison with these remote communities. IDHC has ongoing community outreach programs providing entrepreneurial options other than criminal activity.


Remote dental clinics

Not to be confused with anything resembling a dentist’s office, remote dental clinics are a specialized skill of dedicated dentists who use combinations of local sources and supplies carried in to provide the most critical dental care needed - extractions.


Remote means remote

When the team says remote, we mean remote. Getting in and out of these areas without incident isn’t an accident. It is the result of training and skills the team both teaches and uses on their own missions. The end result is aid delivery to another of the planet’s most dangerous places without altercation, conflict, or threat.

With only a few weeks notice, the team was able to provide a Security Detail and Tactical Operations Center support to La Cima World Missions and Church of God, Honduras. The team also provided security training to local NGOs and churches.

La Cima World Mission's Dr. David Sperow made all arrangements for locations and meetings using his impressive experience in the region.

The team protected dentists in rural areas held by gangs where the residents are so poor, they can’t afford $40 to have a tooth pulled. Some of the 200 patients seen had dental problems for years, seriously affecting their work, schooling and quality of life. Roughly 400+ problematic teeth were extracted by La Cima World Missions.

Dr. David Sperow of La Cima World Missions said that usually, he has to stay on guard at all times when working on mission, but could finally relax and do his job. “Having extra sets of eyes and ears that knew what they were looking and listening for was a major weight off my shoulders. I was able to focus 100% on patient care and making sure the clinic was operating smoothly. In the past, I have had to stop what I was doing to ensure that a ‘shady character’ kept on moving or evaluate potential bad guys that… raised red flags”.

Dr. Sperow added that because of the security, many more people could be helped than on other missions. “[La Cima World Missions] ended up with only five cartridges of anesthetic left... when our time was up and the last patient was seen. I have never gotten that close to running out of a critical supply item and I planned the supply order based on our 'typical' pace of patient care. I have usually prepared to have at least 25% of our supply left over at the end of a mission. The fact that we almost ran out is a testament to the improved efficiency and effectiveness of the team”.

When asked what Dr. Sperow thought the team did the best, he responded “It was a flawless performance on every level. For me, being freed up to just deal with clinical care was huge. For the churches and their staffs, the security training was priceless and they were extremely grateful”.

Our team wouldn't have been able to assist La Cima World Missions without the help of generous donations sent from every corner of the globe.

Thank you.

HAS is planning additional missions to Honduras.