Gear We Use

We preach and practice the mantra that software has a higher priority than hardware, and the most critical piece of hardware is where your software is installed. That said, hardware matters. We only list what we use, and we only use what we can depend on when lives matter. Our various gear lists are extensive and will take time to add, so check back for updates.


EDC Trauma Kit

As simple as band-aids yet capable of saving lives when seconds count and medics are minutes away. That’s how we describe what goes in an EDC Trauma Kit.

Every member of the team carries, is trained to use, and is trained to teach the use of the items in the EDC Trauma Kit.

Our EDC Trauma Kit curriculum is simple. The benchmark we use for effectiveness in this training is that illiterate audiences of average to below average intelligence following a single presentation will retain the knowledge to effectively use the contents under stress. Practice makes perfect, repetitions help, and time matters, but if you can put a band-aid on a scrape, you can use these tools to save a life.

If you have been to an EDC Trauma Kit training module and want to get the exact items we use and train others to use, these are it. If you have never been trained to use these items, rest assured they are simple to use. Attend one of our EDC Trauma Kit courses or seeking training from others educated in the use of these items. These items are designed to be easy to use effectively under the worst possible conditions but you will be far more effective if your first time using these items isn’t when lives are slipping away.


More COMING soon

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