2018 MISSION: 


Just like we mobilized for Hurricane Harvey, we’re going to go mobilize for Hurricane Florence. We’re teaming up with local nonprofits to help ensure their safety as they deliver much needed water, food, and medical aid to those impacted by the Hurricane - regardless of who the victims are and where they live.

It normally takes up to two weeks for the government to provide proper aid in disaster situations, so we’re raising $7,000 to send the team to North Carolina to fill the gaps during the next two weeks.

Your donation will go directly to paying for water, food, gas, medical equipment, and supplies for our team and the nonprofit organizations that we are partnering with.

During Harvey we went to areas where other aid organizations were afraid to go alone and we’re doing it again for Florence. Some neighborhoods were devastated by the hurricane and left to fend for themselves because they were poor and not the “right areas”. We won’t let that continue to happen.

People deserve help and we need your help to make it happen.



If you would like to Donate by other means we have an Amazon Wishlist that will help us help others.