Classes Overview

Helping people stay safe no matter the environment is our mission, so we provide training experiences to fit any amount of time and any budget


Humanitarian aid worker/Non-profit organization small group Training

Do you really know how your team will react under pressure? How they'll deal with unfriendly locals or factions with oppositional goals? How they'll navigate the tricky waters of culture, location, language, and context? How they'll make sure the mission is completed, that the message is sent, that the people who need the most help will get it, and how to ensure that they'll make it home? Then this is the course for you. Over 4 to 5 days, a dedicated team of professionals, will deliver tailored, non-profit mission focused training to make sure your team are accepted as valuable aid workers and beneficial additions to their communities. Using a combination of classroom lectures, interactive role play, and workshopping, we we will provide training in: 

  • Country specific Information - The basics your host countries history, language, culture, customs, key factions
  • Soft skills - Negotiation, persuasion, bridge building
  • Hard skills - Situational awareness, threat detection and avoidance, route planning and scouting, location hardening, medical basics, escape and evasion

Small group security seminars

Do you ever find yourself alone in a dangerous part of town? Have you even been in a crowd that was getting too rowdy or in a protest that is getting out of control? Do you worry about your ability to protect yourself or your family from the unknown while at home or abroad? If so, then these seminars are for you. In these half day and day long seminars, on topics ranging from Self Defense for Women to Situational Awareness 101 to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, we will give you the know-how to stay prepared, take action, and maintain a sense of security in any environment you or your family may be in.  


Security Classes 

These hour-long classes are perfect for those who don't have a lot of time but are looking to get the 20% of information that will keep them safe 80% of the time. These classes focus on developing the survivors mindset, the basics of situational awareness, and quick, unobtrusive ways to increase your personal security and decrease the likelihood that you'll be unprepared for whatever may come.