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Empowering Those That Empower Others 


Making a world without fear


Our Services: 


Nonprofit Security Assessment and Planning

We use our network of Subject Matter Experts to assess your current threats, understand your physical and tactical vulnerabilities, and implement a plan to keep you, your people, and your clients safe.

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Humanitarian Aid Security Ambassadors Program

The security ambassadors program trains average civilians and military/law enforcement veterans in cultural sensitivity, negotiation, de-escalation, and low-profile security techniques, tools, and tactics (TTP). If requested, we can have certified graduates of our program accompany you on your mission to provide realtime, infield team support.

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Civilian Safety, Security, and Awareness Training

Be it during everyday events, emergencies, or political action, situational awareness is critical to the protection of you, your family, your clients, and your colleagues. We provide training to ensure you are equipped with the tools, techniques, and procedures need to keep you safe at home and abroad.

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Logistics and Pathfinding


It's not just about where you are, it's also about where you're going. We help clear the path to ensure your entrance to a new market or a new country is as sooth and safe as possible.

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For Those Who Dare

We don't believe in talking the talk without walking the walk. 


Impact Report

Dedicated to transparency.

At Humanitarian Aid Security, we are dedicated to changing the world to a place of compassion, a place of freedom, and a place of equity. To do that, we need to start from a foundation of transparency.

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