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Empowering Those That Empower Others 


Our Mission:


Humanitarian Aid Security is a nonpartisan, non-religious 501(C)3 nonprofit organization with the mission of democratizing security and creating a world without fear. By providing security and medical focused training and support, we enhance the ability of Nonprofit Organizations, Human Rights Defenders, Activists, First Responders, and everyday people to deliver aid to those who need it, fight for our collective rights, and respond to emergencies

Our Services: 


We provide four main services, all with the goal of empowering people to protect themselves and others in a dangerous world


Nonprofit Security Consulting and Assessment

We use our network of Subject Matter Experts to assess your current risks, understand your physical and organizational vulnerabilities, and implement a plan to keep you, your people, and your clients safe.

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Humanitarian Aid Security Ambassadors Program

The security ambassadors program trains average civilians and military/law enforcement veterans in cultural sensitivity, negotiation, de-escalation, and low-profile security techniques, tools, and tactics (TTP). If requested, we can have certified graduates of our program accompany you on your mission to provide realtime, infield team support.

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Civilian Safety, Security, and Awareness Training

Be it during everyday events, emergencies, or political action, situational awareness is critical to the protection of you, your family, your clients, and your colleagues. We provide training to ensure you are equipped with the tools, techniques, and procedures need to keep you safe at home and abroad.



Remote Security Management


A full-time staff person to manage security is incredibly important and while every organization should have one, not every organization can afford one. We can use our dedicated team to provide site audits, pre-mission planning, real-time mission and emergency support, and an assortment of other a-la-cart services both on-site and remotly at a fraction of the cost.


For Those Who Dare

We don't believe in talking the talk without walking the walk. 


Impact Report

Dedicated to transparency

At Humanitarian Aid Security, we are dedicated to changing the world to a place of compassion, a place of freedom, and a place of equity. To do that, we need to start from a foundation of transparency.

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